“Find Your Power is one of the very few books I always want to have by my bedside. With each chapter I’ve had further insights and breakthroughs.”
Linda Crook, GP and artist

"Clearly presented, easy to follow and, more importantly, highly practical.  I love the Happiness Training Plan CD and recommend it to both colleagues and patients"  
Dr Mark Daykin, GP

Resources I’ve developed

My book Find Your Power – a toolkit for resilience and positive change (2nd Ed, Permanent Publications, 2010) introduces ‘the journey approach’ to change. It includes proven strategies for improving mood, building strengths and increasing effectiveness. It is available through amazon and other book sellers (click on book cover below for amazon link)

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My latest book, co-written with Joanna Macy, is Active Hope - how to face the mess we’re in without going crazy (New World Library, 2012). It explores what helps us face planetary crisis and give our best response. There’s more information about the book at www.activehope.info

Active Hope cover

With Positive Psychologist Miriam Akhtar, I co-produced The Happiness Training Plan CD, which introduces positive psychology based strategies for mood improvement. It is available through amazon and other on-line outlets, as well as for digital download at www.happinesstrainingplan.com

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When living in Bristol, I set up the Bristol Happiness Lectures, a series of annual lectures about approaches to happiness, resilience and emotional wellbeing. My talk from 2010, on ‘Positive Psychology responses to depression’, is viewable on You-Tube in four instalments of about ten minutes each. Here are the links:

Part 1 - Our story of resilience
Part 2 - The self-help SSRI
Part 3 - Strengths, Resources and Insights
Part 4 - Protective Factors

For many years, I’ve run courses on Burnout Prevention for Doctors. You can read an article I wrote for the British Medical Journal about this here.

For a selection of other articles I’ve written, see
this link.